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Letter: Who are the Concerned Citizens for Property Tax Fairness?

I am sorry to say I am disappointed in your newspaper for its recent publication of a letter to the editor from a group who identifies itself as Concerned Citizens for Property Tax Fairness. This group has the right, as we all do, to express its views in your paper. What disappoints me is that you allowed them to submit a letter (which you then published) without signing a name or names. I always thought that it was accepted policy by most newspapers that no letters to the editor would be published anonymously. That is basically what happened here.

In their efforts to oppose the referendum, this group sent out mailings with fabricated or untrue "facts" without signing names. They put full page ads in your paper without signing names. They hired someone to answer their calls so that they would not be identified. Levy supporters called the listed contact number, left messages so that they could speak to them personally, and did not receive the "promised" call back.

The money spent by members of this group on mailings, signs, ads, and phone service could possibly have covered their tax increase if the levy had passed. The members of this group need to stand up and stand behind their opinions by letting the people of this community know who they are. Please, let us know who you are so we can thank you for your concern.

Sandra Anderson