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Letter: Cutting down a Christmas tree a great family tradition

In this age of instant messaging and plastic this and that, one traditional Christmastime experience still exists: cutting your own Christmas tree.

I have a wonderful job helping Deb and Dan Ament at Santa's Christmas Trees south of Perham. The work is strenuous, but the job is fantastic. I witness families enjoying time together walking the many acres of evergreen trees in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Some parents have made the tree shopping an annual tradition for years; once bringing small children bundled in layers of winter wear, they are now bringing their children and their children's significant others to share in the custom. Other families have just begun their tradition enjoying hot apple cider and cocoa, grabbing a saw, and hiking out to the field as part of the seasonal experience. Smiles and good wishes are as numerous as the falling snowflakes. Rosy cheeks, mittened hands, and a special candy cane from Santa puts a smile on children's faces that no digicam can capture.

With many people experiencing tight household budgets, cutting a Christmas tree can be a fulfilling family experience, a tradition that will bring back memories years from now. We in the Perham community are fortunate to have a cut-your-own tree farm nearby.

Leon Ogroske