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Letter: Thank you from the cast and crew of "Disco Inferno"

The cast and crew of the New York Mills High School's fall musical, "Disco Inferno," would like to extend a huge thank you to all who supported this year's performance. It was so awesome to see a standing room only opening night crowd and to see so many people at the other shows!

We would like to thank all the area businesses who helped to make "Disco Inferno" a success. Thank you to our area newspaper, the EOT Focus/Contact, for the tremendous job of promoting the show as well the great coverage and photos of the performance itself. Thank you to Lakes 99.5 Radio and ACS Channel 14 for their help in advertising the musical as well. We are very grateful for the support of our local media. Thank you to Photo Magic for making our "Wall of Stars" possible. To all of our local businesses who displayed our posters - many thanks.

Sincere gratitude to Jason Boe and the New York Mills Close-Up group who prepared and served a delicious meal prior to the show on both Friday and Saturday nights this year. The food and 70's décor were wonderful!

The cast would like to thank our directors, Carri Ann Pollard and Rebecca Clarksean for their countless hours of effort, their talent and insight, and their flexibility in scheduling rehearsals. We are fortunate to have such dedicated directors here in New York Mills.

Finally, thank you to all of you who came to the show. It was amazing to see that big auditorium full of people and to hear all of the great feedback. We hope that you enjoyed watching "Disco Inferno" as much as we enjoyed performing it for you.

See you all next year!

The cast and crew of "Disco Inferno"

New York Mills