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Letter: Pornography can be difficult to talk about

Dear Editor:

I was recently online and noticed that the Northwood's Church was going to be talking about pornography. I just wanted to say how wonderful I think it is that Pastor Dirk will be doing a message about pornography on Sunday, Feb. 6. It's a subject that tends to be taboo in the church, and rather than give a biblical explanation for why it separates us from God, people just say "porn is bad". Kinda like "just say no" for drugs. Doesn't really work until you tell someone why! I commend him for broaching this difficult and pertinent topic in today's society.

I have dealt with this in my past 2 marriages and relationships and it is extremely harmful. Best of luck on His message; I hope people receive it with an open heart.

Dina Klancir

Golden, Colorado