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Letter: Dayton's budget solution a taxing one

It sure hasn't taken long for Mark Dayton and the unions to show that they aren't on the side of Main Street Minnesota. In the Guv's State of the State (SOS) address, he made one bow after another to the unions. In the face of some serious financial decisions to be made over some serious financial problems, the Guv made one expensive promise after another to the unions. So much for hopes that Dayton will propose a balanced budget. And the union leaders almost trampled each other getting to the microphones to praise the candidate they supported with so many of their treasuries' dollars.

Not to say the Guv is evil, just incompetent. For example, during his campaign he offered several times to propose a balanced budget, but failed to do so every time he tried. His solutions for education consist solely of spending heaps more money, but how will he pay for all of it? Even his own people are now saying that his plans to try to raise taxes on business and those he defines as rich (some say Dayton's definition of rich is having a paycheck) won't come near to raising the money for all his dream projects. He seems not to have any contact with the realities of an economy which has taken some hard hits, the resulting moves that families have had to make to adjust to living within lesser means. Could that be a consequence of his living in the rarified air of the Rockefellers and the Hollywood crowd?

Dayton's solutions ? Spend, spend, spend. Tax, tax, tax. You could call this a trip down Memory Lane if it weren't instead such a nightmare from Hell.

Bill Schulz

Fergus Falls