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Letter: Issues in Wisconsin could affect everyone

In Wisconsin, we're seeing the new governor exaggerate a budget crisis in order to destroy the state's unions, except of course for the few that supported his election. Wisconsin is supposedly broke, yet Walker could afford to give his business allies over $100 million in tax breaks his first week in office. And don't think this is an isolated incident; really it's just the beginning. Anyone who has an eight-hour work day, weekends, overtime, vacation or worker safety gets it only because labor unions fought for it. A Minnesota state rep has introduced a bill to strip all public workers of their pensions.

Missouri has a bill in the works that would remove many child labor laws, Georgia is voting on whether or not to get rid of U.S. currency and go back to using gold and silver. These are just a few examples of dozens of radical new laws being introduced all over the country. The republicans in these statehouses are attempting to blind us to these changes by pitting regular citizens against each other. Public versus private, teachers versus parents, unemployed versus employed. The promise the GOP made to us during the elections was that they were going to work on creating jobs for us. Destroying political enemies doesn't create jobs. Making it legal to kill doctors like they're proposing in South Dakota doesn't create jobs. Discriminating against gay people, or eliminating birth right citizenship doesn't either. It distracts us from the real problems in our country. The fact that these same politicians turned the budget surplus we had a decade ago into a giant deficit today. Huge tax cuts for the rich and for corporations that take jobs overseas; or fighting two wars for ten years nonstop doesn't do anything for us either. If we can't afford to pay our teachers, we sure can't afford those things. Anyway, think the events in Wisconsin don't affect you? Anyone who has kids in school, or is protected by the police, or drive on the freeway, or is counting on social security and Medicare is going to be hurt by these policies.

The only people who are safe are millionaires and CEO's of large corporations. Last time I checked, there weren't too many of those around here.

Corey Schmitz

La Crosse, WI (PHS class of 2001)