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Letter: Mugged at the gas station

I went to town and was mugged.

No one called the Police. No one even noticed, everything was just like a normal incident, except I was mugged. Just as if someone grabbed me around the neck and lifted me off the ground, thrust his hand into my wallet and removed some money, then threw it back and said, "Get lost sucker." Yep, It was that easy to be mugged in town.

Now as Jack Webb used to say, "Just the facts." Ok here they are:

Having returned from the south for the summer, I headed to our big town to pick up groceries, meds, and thought I would get some fuel for my little garden tractor. Yep, that is what started it.

I rolled into the gas station that sells red dye Diesel for my little tractor. I filled up my green painted can for diesel, grabbed five gallons of regular for the lawn mower and other equipment and went in to pay.

The price of red dye was the same as the price for road diesel. Why? This is for off road and had in the past, the road tax removed. Dumb me, I forgot that last year before I left they had done this, but why? I was told that if I wanted my tax back, I should file for it on my tax form for a rebate.

Just what I need. I only pick up about 20 gallons of fuel of red dye a year. Why do I have to file for a return? The more I thought about this, I wondered, how many other people get mugged like this too. If I got mugged for $2.50 on my five gallons, gee that's only $10 a year I am getting ripped off for. But if there were another 50 people who also were mugged, that's $500 bucks. It could even be more than that.

I won't squeal on 'em. I guess they are good folks, but just can't understand why you would have to rip off a neighbor that way. If you will do this with something little like this, what else would you do for a few bucks.

Where is our honesty? Our integrity? Is this the new American way?

Ok, I know, I'm just an old man, I put my wallet back into my pocket, whipped the blood off my nose, sniffled and tried not to cry 'cause the big bully mugged me. I headed out of town where neighbors watch out for neighbors.

Andy Andersen