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Letter: Concerned about Perham practice burning

I am a caring citizen of Otter Tail County. I don't see how the city can approve a house to be burned down. On April 20 my husband and I were driving back from DL when we saw a thick cloud of black smoke coming from Perham. So we went to see what was going on and they were burning down a house.

The people of Otter Tail County can't burn without getting a fine up to $10,000 for burning and polluting the air. But the city can approve a house to be burnt down that was full of mold and cat droppings and who knows what else. That should not be allowed because it is pollut-ing the air 100 percent more then what the people of Otter Tail County would be burn-ing. I don't think it is right. I am just a citizen who thinks that the law of burning should go for everyone, not just the citizens.

Amanda Brown