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Letter: Need to have faith in politics, politicians

It is an understatement to say that last week's Focus letter [4 August 2011], "Disappointed in Murdock's efforts," was not kind to Mr. Murdock and politicians of his ilk.

While I can't comment about the integrity of the majority of our politicians, I do believe that Mark Murdock is indeed "in it for the public service." Furthermore, I believe that he is doing the very best job that he can do in order to help the people of our area and our state.

While I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, if we do not have faith in the political process and those who are involved in that process, my faith in any alternative - perhaps some form of tribal society without basic laws - is nil.

So, Mark, you have my support. While I may agree with some of your platform and disagree with some of your platform, you do have my support.

Thomas Tomporowski