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Letter: Let Mother Nature take her course

Little McDonald Lake wants to pump their excess water into Berger Lake, which also has a high level of water.

Our farm is on part of the north shore of Berger Lake. We have lost about half of our pasture because of high water. What will adding more water to Berger Lake do to the levels of water in our pasture? High water has also caused us to lose some hay ground.

Is it true that Little McDonald Lake has a high content of mercury in their fish? Also, what about the flooding of septic systems?

Little McDonald Lake has two public accesses in which invasive species can be brought in by boats. Berger Lake has no public access. It is a spring-fed lake like Lake Itasca and does not have any other water flowing in.

What would adding Little McDonald Lake water do to this shallow, vulnerable lake? What will this type of extra water do downstream to the Otter Tail River and the Red River of the North when their water levels are high also?

Why should we have to take on extra water or be subject to invasive species just because some people live in low areas or have built homes too close to a lake?

We all have our water problems. Why change things to foul up Mother Nature? Let's all let Mother Nature take its course.

Bob and Bette Walde