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Letter: Water issues can affect everyone

Water! Too little and history tells us it is worth fighting for and even dying for. Too much and, some people, in this case the property owners on Little McDonald, Paul and Krebs Lake, want to dump their excess water from their landlocked lakes, downstream to the McDonald chain, Round, Star and Dead Lake.

All this by upgrading and redoing Drainage System no. 25. This will just compound the problems these lakes are already facing through excess water from our extreme wet cycle. Ironically, the little Mc's, Paul and Krebs Lake just seem to want to share their problems when in actual fact are just creating larger problems for others downstream.

In that way it certainly does not seem fair and I have to wonder, really legal; giving a certain segment preference over the rights of others. They were willing to spend big bucks to hire Houston Engineering to find a way to solve their problems even though all of them should have been aware of possible problems when you build near water.

It has been a year of flood problems in newspapers all over, including homeowners along the Otter Tail River where the excess water will ultimately flow. I can understand their concern and even offer a degree of sympathy for their problems but I have to draw the line when solving their problems create larger problems for so many more.

Unless I missed what should have been a big, and yes, controversial story in the Focus, all I have read is four column inches in the legals of the Aug. 4 paper. Now is the time for the Focus staff to perform a public service and publish Houston's report due out on the Aug. 12 as well as other significant information that concerns so many of us in our area.

This is just ten days before the hearing on Aug. 22 and I, for one, seem to feel this is a "rush to accomplishment." In something like this, everyone needs as much information as they can find as ultimately it will affect all of us.

Mary and Roger Goettsch