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Letter: Disappointed in Murdock's efforts

In March I emailed Mark Murdock to see if he was supporting a State Senate proposal to require House and Senate members to take a cut in per diem (currently $77 a day for House members) and a cut in salary ($31,140 for the 120 day session). You know, all that "shared sacrifice" talk.

His response was that "he was not in it for the pay," he was there for "the public service." Does he really believe that wasting months on divisive social issues, tossing them together with massive cuts, calling it a budget and saying "we did our job," along with a "my way or the highway attitude" is what you were elected to do?

You were elected to govern, not to be the social police and yes, governing involves compromise.

So the government shuts down, thousands were put out of work, business suffered, yet you still collect your salary and health insurance. Then you go on your "we are right, they are wrong" editorial campaign throughout the county. I especially liked the one where you said, "don't worry no one is being left out in the cold," which shows just how clueless you are about the lives of people you are supposed to represent.

In the end, we get a budget that steals from the education funds yet again; with a bunch of other rob Peter to pay Paul non-solutions. So when the coalition of no voters on the upcoming school levy is looking for someone to explain why property taxes are going up they can call you.

(Still waiting to hear how their idea of working with the Legislature is working out for them.)

So, when you say you are "in it for the public service" you not only embarrass yourself but you insult all of the people who are truly doing "public service" everyday to help make our state and country better. Mr. Murdock, you are a member of the political class in this country that is nothing more than a bunch of hypocritical, cowardly, ideological hacks, who have put party before country time and time again.

Rebecca Kemling