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Letter: Opposed to the proposed Ditch 25 plan

It seems to us that we have numerous organizations today which are here to protect our lakes from pollution and destruction. Where are these organizations when the Lake Improvement District (LID) wants to dump water into Berger Lake and then into McDonald Lake and Big McDonald Lake into Ditch 25?

We have COLA, U.S. Fish and Wild Life, D.N.R., State of Minnesota, our County Commissioners and how many more?

This water which is proposed to drain into Berger Lake is contaminated with mercury and by flooded sewer systems. How long before invasive species will be drained into Berger Lake? Will water temperature difference be a factor? LID says the water flow will not affect Berger Lake. We totally disagree.

It seems that if you have enough money and power you can get what you want. The squeaking wheel always gets the grease.

How many people from Little McDonald Lake are serving on the Edna Township Board? Watch your taxes next year.

Using scare tactics about Ditch 25 to get Big McDonald and Little McDonald lakes on your side seems the way to go. Berger Lake Association has been 100 percent against this draining from the very beginning.

Don't impose your problems on the rest of us. There are other options without destroying small shallow Berger Lake.

Bob and Betty Walde