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Letter to the editor: Libraries are important part of social fabric

Remember the State Senator who was convicted of an ethics violation for making fun of people that she thought were less than her? Well, the old "convicted" ethics violator is saying crazy things again.

Senator Gretchen Hoffman is now saying that libraries are a waste of public dollars and should be privately funded.

Senator Hoffman should have spent some time in local libraries to become more enlightened on what it means to be part of a community.

The fact is that our rural libraries are an important part of the social fabric of our communities, where people go to check out books - for free - to read. Where kids that don't have computers at home go to use the Internet.

Libraries are one of the few things in the world that give everyone a chance to improve themselves. In a library, people can learn about personal finance, how to find a job, how to fix their home and how to deal with health issues - which perhaps the senator missed.

This opposition to Local Government Aid (LGA) doesn't make sense. LGA pays for police and fire protection; pays to make our streets safer, housing affordable, economic development possible and property taxes down.

This is pork?

It was tragic when the community center in Wadena was destroyed by a tornado, and now that there's a plan to build a wellness center to serve the citizens of that community, Senator Hoffman is coming out against having state bonding money to help Wadena pay for it.

Many towns are small; money is tight and they cannot afford to pay for these projects with more property tax increases. There would not be a college built or repaired without bonding money. There would not be an ice rink, community center, or anything that benefits small communities, as a whole, without bonding money.

Bonding money is a smart economic development tool because community assets bring new revenue into communities and expand opportunities for employment.

Apparently, Senator Hoffman doesn't understand the concept of doing things for the good of the community. Her narrow-minded ideas do not work to serve the good of our communities.

Seriously, there are so many reasons the elections in the fall of 2012 cannot come soon enough to vote Hoffman out of office.