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Letter to the editor: In support of the Gabbards

The letter to the editor from Courtney Gabbard last week really angered me.

How dare people second-guess Zach's family? When you make a donation it is supposed to come from your heart. Then you are done. You have no right to say how or where it is spent.

My husband and I donated because we wanted to help and because it is the Christian thing to do. It was to help the family in any way they needed it.

Only Zach's family knows how to help him and what he needs. He is a wonderful young man and he has fought hard to get to where he is. He also gives back to this community in a wonderful way. He helps coach the young boys in basketball buddies. That is so important. There is no better way to further our community than to help the youngest among us.

I say to Courtney and the Gabbard family, with "friends" like that you are better off without them. Just take care of Zach and ignore the negative ninnies.