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Letter to the editor: Partners in Care Council bridges gap between patients and providers

Thank you Trisha Marczak for the kind article you wrote and to those who commented on it. However, I do need to make a correction.

During the interview I possibly did not make myself clear to Trisha. The hospital has a great Board of Directors with so many good people on it. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

A couple of years ago I was asked to be on the Partners in Care Council and I was very happy to be one of this great group of people. The Council consists of hospital people and a few of us from the community.

The council was formed to bridge the gap between patients and providers for optimum health care for the patients. We from the community had a lot to learn about the hospital and the home and how we could work to make things better for both the patients and all their caregivers.

The medical personnel on the council understands the problems the caregivers have, and the community people can understand what it is to be a patient or have a family member as a patient.

The council invites personnel from different parts of the hospital and home to discuss what their particular job is and what could happen to make it better for them and their patients. We also discuss how the patient is affected and what we can do to make their experience better.

This council is always looking for new community people to become members, so men or women would be gladly accepted. It would be a good thing for the hospital and a great thing for you.