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Letter to the editor: Hoffman should step down

Sen. Gretchen Hoffman needs to resign! A KSTP poll given out this month indicates that only 17 percent of Minnesotans approve of what our legislature is doing. A large factor in that is Senator Hoffman's pushing of the "Castle Doctrine," that if passed would expand situations in which people could use deadly force in self-defense.

The Otter Tail County Sheriff says the bill is problematic. The Police Chief of Fergus Falls is against it ... according to a quote from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in the Star Tribune (2/17/12), "all law enforcement" in Minnesota is against it.

Certainly Sen. Hoffman has other issues to be more concerned about than fighting with law enforcement. Law enforcement shouldn't be a partisan issue.

Sen. Hoffman has two school districts from her area that lost their levy referendums (while over 70 percent passed around the state) and now face devastating cuts as a result. She's been a tireless advocate against the public schools with her support for the past budget settlement on schools and, most recently, her attack on teachers for their rights to bargain issues.

Don't we have an issue with creating jobs that is important? Why not spend time in this area? Isn't Sen. Hoffman the person who was "convicted" for an ethics violation last session - making fun of people who are considered less by her? Then Sen. Hoffman was less than willing to apologize immediately? What world does this person live in?

Very simply, she's not an asset to our district or state. She's an embarrassment to Minnesota and needs to resign.