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Letter to the editor: Buckle Up

The Otter Tail County Safe Communities Coalition would like to remind you of the importance of using your seat belt.

While this may seem like a another "task," it could save your, or a loved one's life.

In the first three weeks of 2012, eight of Minnesota's first 10 traffic fatality victims were not buckled up. This comes after December, when out of 23 fatalities, only five were buckled up.

This trend is alarming given that a record number of Minnesotans (93 percent) are in fact using seat belts. Also of significance is that all eight of the 2012 unbelted fatalities occurred outside of the metro. Some 80 percent of the state's unbelted traffic deaths last year occurred outside the seven-county metro area.

If you feel the choice is yours and don't care about wearing your seat belt, at least think about those who care about you. Do you really want your loved ones getting a knock on the door from law enforcement notifying them that you died in a crash? Think about those you would leave behind and how they didn't get a choice.

As advocates of safe driving, we remind you to buckle up -- everybody, every seat, every time. Seat belts save lives.