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Letter to the editor: A grandstand worth a look

I read with a great deal of interest the article in the paper on building a new grandstand at the Perham baseball park.

I spent 15 years of my life during my younger years on the state board of the Minnesota Amateur Baseball Association. During those years, I had the opportunity to travel around the state, visiting baseball parks.

During those times, I had the chance to visit many baseball parks. The New York Mills park had a wooden grandstand that was old and needed replacing.

I picked out a pattern and offered the city of NY Mills a plan to pay for all the material, and I knew the baseball fans would do all the labor free.

I drew up the plans for a poured cement grandstand. It had a foundation to get below the frost lines. The "step up" was a platform for each line of seats with braces for seat planks built right in the seats.

The Perham committee should look at these stands. We built five rows, and I ran out of money. However, we put in the foundation for five more rows. This portion was finished by someone else.

Last Oct. 18, I made my 95th birthday, so I am too old to give much help. And as we will have to move to a high-priced elders' home, my financial help can't be too much.

Hope the Perham group will look at the Mills stand.