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Letter to the Editor: Lund Mania offered fun for all ages

New York Mills had a very busy weekend of festivities on July 6.

There was a parade, street dance, car show, tractor show, tricycle boat races, venders of various types, minnow races and sail boat races, and various other fun things that happened. This was all part of the Lund Mania fishing tournament, which had 50 entries.

The Close-up group from the New York Mills High School helped clean up the area where all the various festivities were held. I would like to personally thank the young adults for their hard work in helping on Saturday morning with the clean up.

There was an excellent crowd throughout the day, even when the weather was not very nice.

I guess word of mouth rather than the EOT Focus lets people know that there are happenings in New York Mills, too!

Editor's note: Our intent at the Focus is to provide good coverage of all community events. We ran a preview story about Lund Mania in our 6/28 newspaper, as well as a follow-up article with many photos on 7/12 - both of which started on the front page and were also on our website and linked to our Facebook page. The event was also mentioned in some of our special sections, such as the July Summer Scene and 2012 Destinations magazines.