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Perham area families celebrate the 4th

Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS A crew of a pontoon in the Pickerel Lake Independence Day Boat Parade, embracing their inner patriots. 1 / 8
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS A family in the Pickerel Lake boat parade. 2 / 8
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS Pickerel Lake boat parade. 3 / 8
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS Pickerel Lake boat parade4 / 8
Joe Bowen/FOCUS Fireworks explode over Tuffy’s Stadium in Perham on July 4, wowing the hundreds-strong crowd gathered there. 5 / 8
Joe Bowen/FOCUS Fireworks #6: The scoreboard at Al Krueger Field sent out good tidings throughout the display. 6 / 8
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS The entertaining assortment of floats and vehicles in this year’s Otter Tail Lake Parade were watched by hundeds of beach-bound citizens. The parade is an annual event. It was held this year on July 7 at 1 p.m.7 / 8
Kiowa Wieser-Matthews/FOCUS Otter Tail Lake parade.8 / 8

Boat parades are a favorite Fourth of July tradition around many area lakes. 

Pickerel Lake held its parade at 11 a.m. on July 4. More than 30 pontoons, boats and other watercraft participated.

Fireworks, baseball commemorate 4th of July

A rousing fireworks display at Tuffy’s Stadium was preceded by a baseball game between the Perham Pirates and Dent Wildcats as Perham and the surrounding area celebrated the 4th of July.

The Pirates beat the Wildcats soundly in front of several hundred spectators.

Announcers asked Minnesota Twins-related trivia questions every few innings, giving attendees a chance to win Pizza Ranch gift cards and other prizes if they ran the correct answer to the concession stand first.

While the fireworks display officially started a few moments after 10 p.m., a single shot was released at the start of the game, the 7th inning stretch, and at the final out.

After the game, fans were given a chance to run the bases at Al Krueger Field – and then set up lawn chairs and blankets in preparation for the fireworks.

Joe Bowen, Perham FOCUS