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Vergas hunter, deer farm owner puts $9,400 on buck

VERGAS, Minn. - Mike Summers of Summers Deer Farm has turned to social media to advertise a shot at a prized buck.

On Craigslist, $9,400 will get you into Summers Game Farm, 25 acres near Vergas and the chance to be the hunter to bags and brings home at Tarzan, the 4-year-old buck.

“Last year, he had 30 scorable points," Summers said. "He scored 241 inches at 3 years old. Now, he is 4 and we are not going to use him as a breeding buck, so we are getting rid of him this year.”

"A lot of people who have the time and want something on the wall, instead of a picture, they want a mount on there,” Summers said.

The Summers family opens up its game farm to schools and it also has special hunts here for hunters with disabilities, but it’s the first time a retired breeder buck like Tarzan has gone big-time: Craigslist and a $9,400 price tag.

"For us, it is like any other farm - like having a cow or pig, except we could sit and look at our animals all day long," Joy Summers said. "Our does and fawns are like pets.”

The Summers Game Farm has rules and regulations and falls under the authority of the Minnesota Board of Animal Health, which means the average Joe cannot just drive in and buy the buck and bring it home.

John Young of Hawley has been involved with deer hunting associations in Minnesota. He, like many longtime hunters, wonder about the sportsmanship of the Craigslist offer.

"I guess if it is legal, that is one thing," said Young of the Clay-Wilkin Deer Hunters Association. "But for the true hunter, would not want to do something like that.”

Antler sheds from Tarzan have also been mounted on random deer heads for display; an impressive rack. Now, the question: Who wants the big buck bad enough to cough up $9,400 for a single shot and a conversation piece on a wall?

Game Farms that house deer come under the jurisdiction of the Department of Agriculture and not the DNR.

Kevin Wallevand, Forum News Service, INFORUM

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