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Farmers, sign up now for free ag plastics recycling

In response to calls for a solution to the ever-growing piles of used plastic on farms and at boat dealers, the Recycling Association of Minnesota, Otter Tail County and several other counties have teamed up with the Revolution Plastics Company to collect and recycle many types of these plastics.

There is still time for farmers to sign up to get on the list to pick up a free dumpster to use for recycling their bale wrap, silage bunker covers and silage bags at no charge.

Depending on farm location and plastic use, Revolution Plastics will spot and empty a dumpster on farms or dairies at no cost to the farmer. The program is limited to these approved plastics: bale wrap, ag/silage bags, most bunker covers and oxygen barrier film. They also accept used irrigation tape and tubing, greenhouse, hoophouse and other cover films.

The next dispersals of the free dumpsters for collection and recycling of waste agricultural plastics will be Tuesday, June 20 at Blue Lakes Plastics in Sauk Centre, Minn. Farmers will need to call Revolution Plastics at 844-490-7873 or visit to sign up first.

After farmers are notified by Revolution Plastics that they have qualified, they will receive information on where and when to pick up their dumpsters. This is by appointment only. There is a specific number of dumpsters and Revolution Plastics wants to be sure that everyone who has been given an appointment receives the dumpsters they signed up for.

The program is not government subsidized, but rather is run by Revolution Plastics. The collected plastic is sent to the company's bag factory in Arkansas, where it is remanufactured into garbage can liners and construction films which are sold back into Minnesota and across the country. The success of this one-of-a-kind system rests upon providing a clean, consistent feedstock to the bag manufacturing plant to assure that the can liners produced meet quality standards.

There are no guarantees that additional dumpsters will be given out after this summer, so if farmers want to have this free service, they should sign up right away.

For information about statewide agricultural and marine film plastics recycling, contact the Recycling Association of Minnesota at 651-641-4560.