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Ray Sherwood begins work at Dent UMC

I have been in full time ministry for twenty-five years and have been married to Brenda for 29 years. We have four adult children with four grandchildren. Two of our children live in Minnesota and two in Indiana.

I graduated high school in 1974 from Lincoln HS in Cambridge City, Ind. I have a BA in Pastoral Ministry and Biblical Theology from John Wesley University in High Point, N.C. I have done postgraduate work on a Master's degree as well.

I pastored two small UM churches in East Chain and in Dolliver, Iowa. I served both of those churches part-time and was a chaplain for Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Fairmont. I am starting my fifth year with the Frazee and Vergas churches and just began with the Dent UMC on July 1. I was ordained in 1998 in Alabama. I have also served churches in North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Connecticut, Iowa and for the last six years in Minnesota.

My wife and I are very community minded and feel if the church is not in some way connected to the community we are not really fulfilling the church's call to reach out to people around us. That is the vision we have, equipping the church to be connected to each other inside the church but also connected outside the church. We want to touch lives that we live around like neighbors, fellow workers and our community.

I love to visit with people and not just people from my church! I do communion visits with those who are not able to be in church the first Sunday of the month. My church services are laid back meaning we want you to come to church comfortably dressed, welcomed by a friendly congregation, expecting good music and to hear sermons that apply to your life today!

Please come and visit with us as our guests and enjoy lifting voices of praise in all aspects of our church service.