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Looking Back - Nov. 23 edition

25 years ago

• School gets an 'A': Independent consultants say district is well-run; Endorse idea of building new middle school: If Roger and Kay Worner were grading the Perham-Dent School system and its contemplated middle school, they would have handed out two 'As" last week.The independent consultants have spent the past two months digging into all the workings of the school district..student numbers, finances, facilities, class offerings, staffing and other data. They found that not only is a middle school justified (in light of stress on existing facilities), but that it would be affordable (continuing student growth will generate enough money for the school district to run a new middle school). It was several months ago that the school district was developing momentum toward building a new middle school. A Citizen's Committee had met during the course of the early summer, studying the options for solving the school district's space needs. Their recommendation was to build a middle school, which they forwarded to the school board. But about that time, state official Norm Chaffee stepped in. He didn't want the school district to get involved in a project that might come back to haunt it in the future, so he hired the Worners to study the inner workings of the the school district, to verify the information that had been gathered by school officials and the citizens committee.

• 2 Factors help create solid financial picture for school: Two-factors have come together to put the Perham-Dent School District in good financial shape, according to consultants Roger and Kay Worner, good management and student population growth.

• Good Management - "It would be safe to say that, based on three years of audit report analysis, Perham's School District has engaged in prudent, conservative, accurate, financial projections," the report they gave to the school district last Wednesday states.

• Student population growth - Minnesota's funding process is based on enrollment. A school district such as Perham-Dent, which is in a state of growth, experiences corresponding gains in state funding. As a result the district has resurrected its fund balances in the past three years, from red ink in 1988-89 to a current balance of over $900,000.

From the Thursday, November 27, 1992 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin

50 years ago

• Observe New GI Mail Rules, Says PO Department: Postmaster Lawler Olson today urged citizens of Perham to be sure to use the correct address on their letters and packages going to servicemen overseas to avoid serious delays in delivery. Postmaster Olson reported that millions of letters and packages going overseas have been delayed because they were insufficiently addressed. He said that one of the biggest problems has been the failure of persons to include the very important 5 digit APO or FPO number in the military address. Mail not containing this number is incorrectly addressed. He said that last year more than 9 million pieces of mail were delayed in delivery.

• Deer hunting results this year are under 1967 kill: weather cuts deer take on opening: Deer hunting success during the opening weekend was lower than last year in Minnesota's main deer range according to early reports from the Conservation Department's section of game. Reduced success was caused by poor hunting conditions over much of the range. It was dry and noisy in the woods Saturday morning and light to heavy rain occurred over most of northern Minnesota in the afternoon. On Sunday skies were completely overcast with winds up to 25 mph in many areas, making it difficult to see deer or hear them approaching. Hunting pressure was about 15 percent heavier than last year in the north central part of the state and also appeared to be higher in northwestern Minnesota. However, the enthusiasm of this army of hunters waned rapidly during the weekend. The poor weather drove many of them to camps and caused some to return home early.

From the Thursday, November 23, 1967 Perham Enterprise-Bulletin