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Sillanpaa stand ultimate in hunting comfort

Brian Sillanpaa of New York Mills, along with John Frost and the Perala boys, built this extravagant deer stand north of Mills. When completed this stand should be the ultimate in hunting comfort and pleasure. It's 12 feet by 12 feet with half cedar log siding and cedar shakes.

The structure, which resembles more of a hunting shack or sauna than a deer stand, sits on utility poles and posts anchored with concrete. A western-style roof overhangs the door and small deck on the north side. Sillanpaa plans to install a heating stove, cooking stove, skylight, gas lights and ceiling fan. A solar panel will also be installed to charge deep cell batteries for power.

The stand sits on a portion of Sillanpaa's 300 acres north of town a few miles and just east of Highway 67. Sillanpaa, who grew up in Mills and is now an engineer in the Twin Cities, says part of the reason he built this type of stand (it just doesn't seem right to refer to this as a deer stand) is to encourage younger people to get involved in deer hunting. He figures by making things a little more comfortable hunting in the cold weather might be a little more appealing to this younger generation.

Sillanpaa's stand is definitely a sight to see from the road and has sparked an idea here at the Herald. We're looking to feature the wide range of deer stand styles in the area through a photo page in an upcoming issue.

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