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Township officer retires after decades of duty

It was a close election in Gorman Township March 11, as two candidates split the 118 votes that were cast.

Gorman has had a history of good voter turnout and annual meeting attendance, noted Rodger Palmer, township clerk. But the fact that 32-year town board member Eldred Ellenberg was retiring was also a factor in turnout this year.

Two candidates filed for the seat vacated by Ellenberg.

Randy Carow won the seat with 63 votes, with Jeff Janke receiving 54 votes.

Palmer was re-elected to his second two-year term as town clerk, with 110 votes.

About 30 of Ellenberg's Gorman Township friends and neighbors gathered for the annual meeting, where a special cake was served, along with coffee.

"Eldred was often referred to as the walking dictionary," said Palmer. "I've only been on a few years, but during that time, various issues came up, people questioned when something happened, and what happened--and Eldred would tell us. He has a great memory. And I don't think he was ever wrong. People might argue a little bit, but Eldred was always able to recall the specifics."