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Pet grooming: Not just for Fido

Pet grooming isn't just for dogs anymore... there's a growing number of owners who are bringing in their feline companions to get the same type of cut as Fido.

"I cut cats so that they look like a shorthaired cat," said Karla Sazama, owner of Kountry Kuts in Perham. She said she has multiple customers who are faithful to bring in their cats, citing that the cut dramatically reduces the amount of fur shed in their homes.

Although the cat-cut is not for every pet owner, there is always a steady demand for dog grooming. Sazama said her business is unique in that she'll take any size dog, unlike some other local groomers. She has experience with grooming both long and shorthaired dogs.

Sazama first started her business out of her home in Frazee a year and a half ago. After her dogs' groomer retired, she wanted to try her hand at the trade, quickly discovering how much she enjoyed it.

As her business began to grow, Sazama decided to continue to expand and moved into her present downtown Perham location in November. She chose to move the business to town as winter was approaching, in an effort to make the trip easier for her clients.

"My clients are still coming from Detroit Lakes to Perham," Sazama reported, pleased that she has built up a loyal and satisfied clientele base.

In addition to pet grooming, Sazama offers pet de-skunking, hypoallergenic shampooing, bathing, and nail cutting. Kountry Kuts also has a growing selection of pet supplies. Sometime in the future Sazama would like to expand the business into a fully equipped pet store.

Natural Planet Organic Dog Food, a product made right in Perham, will be one of her many offerings. She also carries pet treats, collars, and toys.

A pet owner herself, Sazama takes extra time to make sure the grooming experience is as pleasant as possible for the animals that are left in her care. She said she often talks to them to try and calm their nerves while she is working on them. In some cases, the animals are given a break in their cage to relax for awhile before she continues grooming them.

"It's fun to see them come in shaggy and leave looking all nice," says Sazama of the animals she works with. Along with the satisfaction that comes with seeing the improvement she makes, Sazama enjoys the personal side of the business. She's quick to comment, "My favorite part of my job is meeting new people and new dogs."

Kountry Kuts is located just off of Main Street, adjacent to Pizza Ranch. Business hours are from 8 - 5, Monday through Friday, and Saturday by appointment only. Sazama will also come in early if pet owners need her to.

To schedule an appointment, call 218-346-4130 during the day or 218-334-2887 after hours.