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Laundromat dispute leaves unknown victim, suspect

A laundromat altercation caught on video tape has Perham police searching for the suspect, and the victim, captured by a surveillance camera.

Police were first notified of the incident on Friday morning, March 21. Maintenance crew members contacted the police after noticing that a bathroom door in a Main Street, Perham laundromat had been vandalized. While reviewing the surveillance tape, they witnessed an altercation that had taken place the night before.

According to police records, the surveillance tape reveals an unidentified woman and two young boys doing laundry at 6:00 p.m. on March 20. At 6:15 p.m., an unidentified man walks into the view of the camera.

Shortly after the man arrives, the woman walks briskly into the bathroom and closes the door, state police records. The male party is then seen forcing open the door and entering the bathroom.

The police report indicates that it appears that the man yells at the woman for a brief period of time, during which the two young boys both kick the man in the leg. The ages of the boys were estimated at somewhere between four and six years.

The man in the video is described as white, middle-aged, and wearing a coat, blue jeans, and a black baseball cap with a pencil above his right ear. He is tall, with a slender build, and darker, shorter hair.

The woman's description is white, middle-aged, with darker, medium-length hair. She was wearing a tan coat with a hood and blue jeans.

Police are still investigating the incident. Anyone with information about the identity of the man and/or the woman described is encouraged to contact the Perham Police Department at 218-346-4452.