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Beefmobile to visit Perham

Beef producers who contribute to the Beef Checkoff Program will have an opportunity to learn how their checkoff dollars are invested when the Beefmobile visits Perham Stockyards on Monday, April 14 and at Fergus Falls Livestock Auction Market in Fergus Falls April 15.

The Beefmobile's visits are two of 200 stops at livestock marketing facilities and events authorized by the Cattlemen's Beef Board during fiscal year 2008.

"The Beefmobile is funded by the Cattlemen's Beef Board on behalf of America's beef producers," states Dave Bateman, chairman of the Cattlemen's Beef Board. "The Beef Act and Order of 1985 mandates that those contributing to the Beef Checkoff Program know how their dollars are invested, and this is one of many tactics used to help achieve that objective.

"The Beefmobile, initiated four years ago, provides producers with direct access to the results of beef checkoff research and promotional efforts. It also gives producers in the area a chance to ask questions about the checkoff and to provide input regarding how checkoff dollars should be invested."

The Beefmobile project is conducted on behalf of America's beef producers and the Cattlemen's Beef Board by the National Livestock Producers Association (NLPA). NLPA serves as one of the Beef Board's contractors for checkoff-funded programs.

Jack Hanson, beef producer from Susanville, California, and chairman of NLPA, applauds this grassroots producer communication outreach effort.

"Every producer who contributes to the beef checkoff has a right to this information, and every producer should fully understand about how checkoff dollars can and cannot be used," Hanson states. "I urge every beef producer in the area--those who raise beef cattle and those who raise dairy cattle--to take time from their busy schedule and visit their local marketing facility when the Beefmobile stops by.

"In addition to listening to the Beefmobile wrangler's brief address, I would encourage you to talk to the Beefmobile wrangler, read the information at the tabletop display and pick up various pieces of literature. If you can't make it to the livestock marketing facility or event when the Beefmobile stops by, then you might want to get your hands on a beef checkoff newsletter left at the auction barn or event as it contains a plethora of valuable information."

To learn more about the Beefmobile's visit to your local livestock marketing facility, contact NLPA at 1-800-237-7193 at or look for information at Perham and Fergus Falls Livestock Auction Market.