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Young tree climber rescued in Perham

It was no routine call when Perham's Emergency Medical Services crew responded to a 911 call about a 6-year-old girl stuck in a tree.

Early in the evening on Thursday, April 17, EMS Director Jim Rieber, along with another EMS member, arrived at the girl's location. She was stuck in a pine tree behind an apartment complex on Pinewood Drive in Perham.

The girl's mother made the emergency call after realizing that her daughter had climbed too high and was unwilling to get back down. While Rieber waited for the Perham Fire Department to arrive with a ladder, he did what he could to help the girl and climbed the tree to sit with her.

Rieber said he talked to the girl to make sure she would stay put and safe until the ladder was there.

"I got there and she was sitting up in the tree. I wasn't sure that she was going to stay still because she had already tried to climb out on a branch once," Rieber reported.

"The tree had started to sway in the wind, and she got scared," he added.

Several fire department personnel soon arrived and the girl was rescued without harm. According to Rieber, she immediately took off running to go play.