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549 Foundation events to aid Perham-Dent schools

Take a trip back in time to the 1960's with "Unbelievable Uglies" June 28--while helping with the future of the Perham-Dent school district.

A legendary Midwestern band, the original Uglies were "local boys" from the central Minnesota lake country who formed one of the Midwest's earlier successful touring groups of the rock era, "The Unbelievable Uglies."

The band will launch its 2008 "Boomers Bash" tour at the historic Grand View Heights Ballroom, which will be headquarters for Perham's "Back to the 60's" outdoor concert and dance.

The event is presented by the "549 Family Foundation," a non-profit organization that supports the Perham-Dent school district through grants and donations.

Foundation steps up campaign in wake of school budget cuts

The 549 Foundation is gearing up its fundraising with ambitious plans to replace some of the revenue the Perham schools lost during three recent rounds of budget cuts, said Foundation Director Jo Strege.

"With our school facing continued economic challenges, the 549 Family Foundation's support will be increasingly crucial," said Strege "Our mid-summer "Back to the 1960's" weekend with the Uglies, and the annual 549 golf tournament July 18 will be our major fundraisers for the summer months."

Since its inception, nearly $300,000 has been provided to the Perham-Dent district from 549 Family, noted Strege. To date, for the 2007-08 school year alone, the Foundation has provided the district about $45,000.

Historic Perham Grand View Heights ballroom will host nostalgic event

Grand View Heights is one of the region's few completely intact ballrooms--the kind of hometown dance hall that housed polka, country-western, big band and rock dances over the past half-century.

The ballroom is located on the "Pioneer Grounds" in Perham, next to a large outdoor stage where the concert will take place. The "Back to the 60's Bash" will also contribute a portion of proceeds to the maintenance of the historic ballroom.

The event also features popular area band "Sapphire," some guest performances, concessions, beverages and many surprises.

Uglies, fans, alumni will reunite for "Boomer" reunion

It will be something of a homecoming for the Uglies, a band that originated in the Detroit Lakes area, and performed some of its earliest engagements in the Vergas-Perham-Otter Tail area lake country.

Perham-area Uglies fans will also reunite at Grand View Heights, as the 549 Family Foundation is encouraging an informal Perham High School "All Class Reunion" for the event, conveniently scheduled the Saturday before the July 4th weekend.

"We're encouraging any alumni groups from any year to join in the fun--especially those 'Boomers' from the 1960's and 1970's," said Strege. "The classic Grand View Heights ballroom will be open for nostalgic reminiscing. We're hoping to have a good showing from all our 'Baby Boomer' alumni."

If PHS classmates are interested in hosting an informal "mini reunion," they can call the 549 Foundation at 218-347-0549. "We can arrange table space for classes in the old Grand View Heights ballroom," noted Strege.

Back to 60's event gains area sponsors

Sponsors are being sought for the "Back to the 60's Baby Boomer Bash." So far, United Community Bank has signed on as a major sponsor.

Also joining as sponsors are Arvig Communications Systems, Perham Dairy Queen, Perham Enterprise Bulletin, Mulligan's and JC Electric.

Uglies have colorful past, dating back four decades

Inducted into the Rock & Country Hall of Fame in the spring of 2004, the Uglies performed more than 900 shows throughout the Midwest in the 1960's--opening for the Beach Boys, Yardbirds, The Who, Billy Joe Royal, and The Four Seasons; as well as taking the stage with The McCoy's, The Outsiders, and John Denver.

Members of the Uglies got married, had kids, and lived normal lives for the past three decades--until 2004 -when a modest "reunion tour" promotion turned out to be a surprise, smashing success.

Since then, the Uglies have performed select annual dates, filling ballrooms and night clubs throughout Minnesota. The Uglies are considering making the Perham appearance an annual event.

Recordings like "Keep Her Satisfied", "Sorry" and "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore" all reached top 10 status in the upper Midwest. They recorded over a dozen records in the mid and late 1960's.

Three original Uglies recordings, "Research Into The Soul Of Psychedelic Sound", "Get Straight" and "Spider Man" are showing up on the internet and on bootleg albums in Europe.

The founding band members of the Unbelievable Uglies are Dave Hoffman (Winston Fink), David Dean Prentice, Bob Eveslage (Robby Jay), Greg Paul and Mike Shannon. Hoffman and Shannon have died. James Miller has joined the "Uglies" on drums and Jerry Uchanski, on vocals and guitar.

United Community Bank launches campaign supporting education

United Community Bank is taking a lead role in helping promote the Perham-Dent school's "549 Family Foundation--and also in raising funds for Frazee school athletics and arts.

A "Round Up for Education" kick off barbeque was hosted May 21 at the bank.

Also,United Community will be donating to education on behalf of new accounts opened at the bank, through August.

Last summer the Staff at UCB had a lot of fun in a summer long effort fundraising for the Honor Flight and doing something to help an older generation.

Knowing that the fine arts, enrichment and extra curricular programs in the schools are taking a severe reduction due to necessary budget cuts, this summer the staff at UCB chose to do something to help the younger generation and will be fund- raising to support these programs in our schools.

In a combined effort between all three United Community Bank locations, staff hopes to be able to raise more than $10,000 with the funds raised between the two Perham locations being donated to the 549 foundation and the funds raised at our Frazee location being donated to Frazee ISD #23 athletics/fine arts programs.

A country western theme has been adopted, as Wednesday's from now thru August 27 will now be "Round-Up Wednesday's for Education" with all deposits made to a personal checking or savings accounts on Wednesday's being rounded up to the nearest dollar and we will be donating the difference (at no expense to customers). The banks will also be involved in a few other fund raisers with the public throughout the summer. Dollar donations will be accepted, and the person donating can sign a card to be displayed on the "Round-Up" wall in the lobby. Sundae's will be served on Monday's in July.

On Wednesdays during the summer, lobby displays will showcase various school activities and sports.