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Sound, tennis courts, track top list for school building-improvement

Top-priority building and grounds projects for this summer at the Perham-Dent schools are the resurfacing of the track and tennis courts--at an estimated cost of just over $40,000.

Just down the priority list are sound improvements with preliminary estimates of about $47,000. These include: sound improvements at Prairie Wind Middle School, the high school track and football field, Heart of the Lakes sound improvements, and auditorium sound improvements.

A list of more than $152,000 in building and construction-related projects was reviewed by the Perham-Dent school board at the May 21 meeting.

Capitol, building and maintenance projects do not fall within the school's general fund budget--so these expenses do not figure into the school's recent rounds of operational budget cuts.

"If we don't take care of (tennis court and track)...the $250,000 original investment is in jeopardy," said Fred Sailer, buildings and grounds director.

Resurfacing the track will come to about $19,500. Estimate for the tennis courts is $21,975.

The auditorium sound improvements will be paid for through a $32,168 gift, which was given to the school and earmarked for the arts. Preliminary estimates for the sound improvements, which became an especially obvious need at the community musical in fall of 2007, are $30,585--but additional research and quotes are planned. School officials are hoping that, in addition to sound upgrades, that there will be money from the gift left over for various auditorium fix-up and repair work.

Estimates for sound at the middle school, the elementary and the football field are estimated at $16,716.

Other summer building and maintenance projects include new ceiling tile in the Perham High School lobby at $4,045; concrete removal and concrete projects, $18,000; tree planting at middle school, $4,000; and installing a separation curtain at the elementary.

On the schedule for future building and maintenance are $30,000 in softball field improvements, a $1.2 million auditorium expansion; and a $740,000 science wing at Perham High School; and locker room renovations, $75,000.