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Three Perham-Dent school board members on ballot for 2008

It's an election year for the Perham-Dent school board, and three members are up for re-election: Bridgit Pankonin, Arnie Thompson and Dan Nodsle.

The school board had the option to structure the 2008 election with a school board primary election prior to the general election in November.

For schools that generate numerous candidates, primary elections serve the function of narrowing the field of candidates prior to the general election.

But a surplus of candidates hasn't been an issue in Perham. Most seats have run un-opposed in the last few elections.

Board members preferred to continue with just the general election.

Interested candidates can file for school board from August 26 to Sept. 9.

Current members Nodsle, Pankonin and Thompson have not yet formally announced their intentions on whether or not to seek re-election.

Nine-year board member Pankonin has indicated that she will not run again, as she is planning to return to graduate school.