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Library's 'Township Tourney' slated for Turtle Fest week

The Friends of the Library invite you to check out the library during Turtle Fest.

Come and see the new young adult section, take a break from activities and read a magazine in the air conditioned library, check your email, or let the kids explore the books, puzzles, puppets and more in the children's section.

The library is having a Township Tournament which spans the week of Turtle Fest. Anyone applying for a new library card will receive a library card holder.

At the end of the week, the township with the largest population percentage of new library card holders will receive an ad in the Enterprise Bulletin about their success.

A township thank you reception will be held Thursday, from 4 - 7 p.m., in the library lobby to show gratitude for the townships helping build the library and those continuing to contribute.

This also kicks off the used book sale. Thursday night, each item is $2. On Friday, from 10 - 5, and Saturday, from 10 - 2, hardcovers are $1 and papercovers are 50 cents.

The area townships' support has always been very important to the library. Back in 1995, six of the area townships took the lead and financially pledged to help support building a new library building before the rest of the funding for the building was even in place.

These townships were Corliss, Edna, Gorman, Perham, Pine Lake, and Rush Lake. At that time, Otter Tail Township and Dead Lake Township also made annual donations to assist with the ongoing cost of the library construction.

In the years since the library has been built, many townships have continued to assist the library with annual donations. These townships are Candor, Corliss, Dora, Edna, Hobart, Otter Tail, Perham, Pine Lake, and Star Lake. These donations are now used to fund programs and purchase new library materials or assist with special projects.

The library's budget is comprised of funds from the city of Perham (71.5%), funds from Otter Tail County (17.5%), donations and memorials (7.3%), and other income such as overdue fines, copy sales, and interest earnings, etc. (3.7%).