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LEGO Art Show - Awards Announced

Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN - Over 50 entries from North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin were received for the LEGO Art Show held in conjunction with the 2008 Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival scheduled June 27-29. The LEGO Art Show, sponsored by the Nordic Culture Clubs, was open to all age categories with a free exhibit featured on Level 3 of the Hjemkomst Center June 16-July 27 (across from the Clay County Museum entrance).

Judging was completed by Elaine Everson, Retired Hawley School Librarian; Pamela Joy Jacobson, Plains Art Museum; Bryce Johnson, Home Builders Association of Fargo-Moorhead; Ashley Morgan, Chamber of Commerce of Fargo-Moorhead; and Regin Schwaen, NDSU Architecture Department (originally from Denmark).

Awards were given to the following participants. Honorable Mentions were also given with everyone receiving an award. The public can vote for Peoples Choice Awards through June 28. More LEGO Activities are also planned at the 31st Annual Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival June 27-29 including building a Community LEGO Mosaic Mural and LEGO Robotics Demos.

Ages 5 & Under Category

"Untitled" by Gabe Schrader of Horace, ND - Most Innovative Award

"Untitled" by Rocco Brewer of Fargo, ND - Most Accurate Award

"Dune Buggy" by Mary Casey of Fargo ND - Most Technological Award

"Blommor - Flower Garden & Measuring Wall" by Ebba Nordstrom of Minneapolis, MN - Most Playful Award

Ages 6-9 Category

"The Crystal Flyer" by Luke Kukert of Sabin, MN - Most Technological Award

"Röd Traktar - The Red Tractor" by Nils Nordstrom of Minneapolis, MN - Most Accurate Award

"Hallie's Flag" by Hallie Johnson of Bismarck, ND - Most Scandinavian Award

"My Puppy" by Jordan Johnson of Fargo, ND - Most Artistic Award

"Jail" by Grace Guzik of Kindred, ND - Most Geometric Award

"Nutangu" by Jaymeson & Nate Hensel of Fargo, ND - Best Use Under 100 LEGOs Award

"Stone Idol Shrine with Treasure" by Logan Mann of Hendrum, MN - Most Playful Award

"Penguins Having Fun" by Grant Klevgaard of Hawley, MN - Judges Choice Award

"Icelandic Fishing Village with Glacier & Volcano" by Stefan Torfason of Fargo, ND - Judges Choice Award

"LEGO Titanic" by Ben & Nate Aufman of Fargo, ND - Judges Choice Award

Ages 10-13 Category

"Monster Castle" by Luke Sanderson of Baker, MN - Most Technological Award

"The Great Viking Voyager" by Connor Luidahl of Fargo, ND - Most Scandinavian Award

"2011 Crossbow" by Erik Atchison of Moorhead, MN - Most Geometric Award

"Salute to Norway!" by Tanner Larson of Moorhead, MN - Most Accurate Award

"The Viking Ship" by Obbie Bladholm of Fargo, ND - Most Artistic Award

"Viking's Lair" by Leif Engen of Moorhead, MN - Most Playful Award

"Energy Efficient House" by Quinn Olson of Fargo, ND - Most Innovative Award

"ROBO" by Jordan Grube of Moorhead, MN - Best Use Under 100 LEGOs Award

'"Scandinavian Throne Room" by Austen Norman of Moorhead, MN - Judges Choice Award

"Star Spangled Banner" by Bailley Carlson of Dilworth, MN - Judges Choice Award

"USS Enterprise" by Preston Moteberg of Ada, MN - Judges Choice Award

Ages 14-18 Category

"Viking Ship" by Nik Kukert of Sabin, MN - Most Scandinavian Award

Adult/Child Team Category

"Flying Dutchman" by Joseph & Frank Casey of Fargo, ND - Most Innovative Award

"Scandinavian Flower Vase with Flowers" by Marcia & Aaron Norman of Moorhead, MN - Most Playful Award

Adult - Amateur Category

"A Tribute to Picasso's Musicians" by Rachel Havelson of Moorhead, MN - Most Artistic Award

About LEGOs

Did you know that LEGO is based on the Danish words LEg GOdt meaning "play well"? LEGOs have been used to create models since before the 1960s when LEGO Miniland was created in Billund, Denmark. Now artists and master builders can even make a living creating with LEGOS.

This year is also the 50th Anniversary of the patent for the LEGO brick with its stud-and-hole design. The basic eight-stud red LEGO brick was first sold in Denmark in 1949. But on 1:58pm on January 28, 1958 the then-LEGO head Gotfred Kirk Christiansen filed for the "Automatic Binding Brick" patent. Gotfred's father, Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter from Billund, Denmark founded the LEGO toy company in 1932. Today the LEGO company is the fifth largest toymaker in terms of sales, after Mattel, Hasbro, Bandai and MGA Entertainment.

About the Nordic Culture Clubs and Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival

The Nordic Culture Clubs is a nonprofit alliance of the six Scandinavian clubs in Fargo-Moorhead with a mission to preserve, celebrate and perpetuate Nordic cultures. They are host to the annual Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival held the last full weekend in June as well as host to programs year round. The Scandinavian clubs include the Red River Danes, Red River Finns, F-M Icelandic Klub, Sons of Norway Kringen Lodge, Swedish Cultural Heritage Society of the Red River Valley and Saami Circle. (The Nordic Culture Clubs is a nonprofit organization and operates independently of Heritage Hjemkomst Interpretive Center and Hjemkomst Center.)

For more information about the LEGO Art Show or the 31st Annual Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival June 27-29, 2008, contact the Nordic Culture Clubs office at 218-299-5452, or visit