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Ballroom era returned to Perham

The Uglies played in an old wooden pavilion Saturday night, June 28. This pavilion sat on the edge of Big Pine Lake for years before being sawed in half, moved and reassembled just north of Perham, at the Pioneer Village site.

What made this particularly nostalgic and wonderful was the entire building is made of wood - the seating area was designed differently from the dance area. The dance area is more like a suspended bridge. It gives and takes as you make your dance steps and sounds wonderful while you dance on it. And did they dance Saturday night!

The floor was packed corner to corner. The acoustics are fantastic as well in these wooden structures of yesterday. Every beam vibrates to the sound. Dust falls from rafters as the bass player plays a low "C". Fantastic!

The concert was rained out for use of the outside band shell. I'd forgotten just how nice wooden dance pavilions can be.

The promoter (549 Family Foundation) wasn't able to enjoy as many ticket sales for this school district fund raiser due to the weather.

The horn and R&B band that performed for a couple hours before the Uglies - reminded me of Fabulous Flippers - if you remember them you know what that's like. "Sapphire" is the band's name - and performed songs we love.

Every note was heard - every bass line came rippling through my spine the mix was 900 times better than listening at home to any music with headphones on.

For those of you who were there - you know what I'm saying - and if you weren't from the 60's - what a treat you enjoyed ...dancing on a suspended wooden dance floor - in a dusty old wooden pavilion to Sapphire and the Uglies.

For us baby boomers - it doesn't get much better,

Keeps us young too...


Greg Paul

The Uglies

P.S. The teen band that performed first, "Bomb The Day", was a treat to watch - flexible, talented, and full of that energy I remember enjoying "way back then."

(Editor's note: Greg Paul, of the "Unbelievable Uglies," wrote this letter to the band's fan list and its website following the June 28 performance at Perham's "Grandview Heights" ballroom. The ballroom was built in 1923, and moved from the old Grandview Heights Resort on Big Pine 21 years ago.)