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An 'arresting' good time...

Peaceful morning routines were disrupted June 24 as some of our finest students and recently graduated seniors of Perham High School were arrested in various public locations around Perham-- all in good fun and all for a good cause.

To help assist United Community Bank with its summer long "Round-Up for Education" fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $10,000, fifteen youth got involved and arrested as plans for a Jail and Bail fundraiser were carried out.

Things got off to a fun start as three giggling teens (Emily Rutten, Nikki Werner and Megan Shipman) were apprehended at The Wild Goose by off duty Perham police officer Mike Christopherson and his assistant for the day Abe Silbernagel. After the arrest the girls were driven in a squad car to "Jail", located in the lobby of United Community Bank and processed into jail by bailiff Sammie Guck.

A one-hour stay and collecting a minimum of $100 each in donations and pledges was the price of bail.

This scene repeated itself several times throughout the morning as Lucas Wuebben and Ben Omberg were picked up at Lakes Café, Emily Wurgler and Becca Huebsch at Bay Windows, Kristina Januszewski and Kari Cavanagh at Main Street Express, John Carlson and Mike Howey at Greenspire Graphics, and Barry Nelson at Genes Sport Shop. Ben Waldon was able to remain at football camp while his bail was posted. Abe Silbernagel, after helping Officer Mike all morning was himself arrested and placed in "Jail".

During the morning David Howey at Lakes Radio 99.5 was contacted by Abe and coverage of the event kept the community informed. After the flurry of arrests and many phone calls, these youth raised $1,913.50 in cash and pledges, along with a 10 percent matching donation from United Community Bank for a total of $2,104.85 raised.

Many thanks go out to both the adults and youth of the community for helping us raise over $5,000 to date. All funds being raised in Perham will be donated to the 549 Family Foundation in support of fine arts, enrichment programs and extracurricular activities.

All funds raised at the Frazee location will be donated to support the Frazee School's programs.

By Candace Wuebben

United Community Bank