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Former Perham woman authors book about child sexual abuse

Former Perham area resident Linda Fossen has joined the ranks of a string of new authors from the Perham area with her new book entitled "Out of the Miry Clay: Freedom from Childhood Sexual Abuse."

It is her story of being sexually abused by her preacher father for nearly ten years when she was a child. In her own words, Fossen readily admits, "this is not a feel-good story but one I have lived moment by painful moment." In April, she and her husband relocated to the Orlando, Florida area where her book was published.

"I never intended to write a book," says Fossen. "These were the secrets I was going to carry with me to the grave."

Locally, the book is available at Ma's Little Red Barn.

After a severe neck injury ended her 23-year career, she found that she had no choice but to deal with this issue that had caused her so much emotional turmoil throughout her life.

The shame of the sexual abuse caused her to hide her secret and live for decades with the pain buried in her heart. All of that changed in 2005 when she finally cried out for help and with the assistance of Dr. Jeffrey Leichter, PhD in Detroit Lakes, she was able to finally face the past.

"I went through months and months of gut-wrenching pain and at the advice of my therapist began to journal. What came out was not in diary format but in story form. I was puzzled but still did not think that I would ever publish this," said Fossen. "I just found journaling to be a very healing thing for me to do."

Fossen describes her book "Out of the Miry Clay: Freedom from Childhood Sexual Abuse" as the story of the carnage that sexual abuse leaves in the heart of every child.

In this frank and compelling book, Fossen seeks to bring the issue of childhood sexual abuse out into the open and bring help and healing to the estimated 60 million people in the United States who are right now dealing with the effects of their own abuse.

"It is a story about a child in search of a Heavenly Father who would give her the courage to love and trust again. A Heavenly Father so unlike my earthly father that the difference would literally baffle me for years".

But Fossen has her sights on more than just the hurting people in America. Even before it hit the bookshelves, Linda's book was garnering international interest from as far away as Africa, Australia and Europe.

"I am watching God literally take what was meant to destroy me and turn it into something good. It is amazing!" she says.

Linda reports that since moving to Florida, she has found people to be so open and receptive to her story and the opportunities to speak have been tremendous. She is getting involved with churches, law enforcement, prisons and support groups to share her story.

"I expect to sell out on the first printing within a month. One lady read my book and bought 1,000 copies for me to give out to women in the jails and prisons," reports Fossen. "When I hand out my business cards, I have people literally coming out of the woodwork to share their stories of abuse with me. I had no idea the response would be so overwhelming."

For information, visit her website at