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Skateboarders given city OK to rock on...but a little quieter

An exuberant group of youth and adults has gained ground in raising funds for a Perham skate and bike park.

Perham city officials hope the group's enthusiasm stays high--but the music low.

The discussion was prompted because the skatepark group is planning two more rally events, July 16 and again July 23, from 5-8 p.m.

"Exit the Fall," a rock band, comprised of local youth, performed at a June demo and fundraising rally. The event was in the parking lot behind Ma's--blocks away from any residential homes.

"The music was loud," said Merle Meece, city public works director, "but the kids were well-behaved."

Several complaints came in from Perham residents--including as far as south Perham.

"I had one call from a fellow who said it was too loud...and it really wasn't his kind of music," said Mayor Kevin Keil. "With all the tall buildings around that area, I was surprised that I received as many comments on the sound as I did."

"What kind of music was it?" asked city attorney Dennis Happel.

"Well, in your day, it probably would have been called heavy metal," said Meece.

The band describes its music as "Christian heavy metal."

The lyrics weren't offensive, but that would be difficult for the human ear to ascertain, said Meece.

"I really couldn't understand a word they were singing," said Meece.

But none of the council members wanted to discourage the youth, so they approved the two upcoming skateboard events in the Ma's back parking lot.

"We just need to ask them to keep it can still be loud, but try to contain the sound to that area," said Mayor Keil.

So, the 'boarders received the city's blessing to rock on--but with a little less volume.