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Scandinavian fiddlers to 'rosen up the bow' for concert in New York Mills

Hear 11 Swedish fiddlers on Tuesday, August 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.

This special group of 11 fiddlers from Sweden will be in the United States only one week.

This group of traditional Swedish fiddlers is from North Hälsingland - a region with a rich cultural heritage of Swedish folk music.

Nordanstig - the municipality of north Hälsingland - covers the communities of Hassela, Bergsjö, Gnarp, Jättendal, Harmånger, Stocka och Strömsbruk. In this area a unique tradition of folk music is to be found including a huge amount of fiddle tunes from numbers of folk musicians throughout the years.

Nordanstig's Fiddlers (Nordanstigs Spelmanslag) was formed in 1952 and, of course, one of the goals was to maintain and develop this great legacy.

Today the group's musical leader is O't?rgs-Kaisa Abrahamsson, a well-known musician and a composer of new folk tunes. O't?rgs-Kaisa is also a Zorn Gold Medallist in folk music.

In 2006 the group's CD "Viller" was released. The word "Viller" is a dialectal expression and it stands for "simply the best".

You may watch Nordanstigs Spelmanslag's Chinese promo video on youtube at

Admission is $12 general, and free for school age youth.