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Ottertail considers septic plan

Ottertail may one day have an individual septic system plan, thanks to forward-thinking on behalf of the city's council members.

At their July 24 meeting, city engineer Chris McConn brought up the idea of a septic system plan to the council. McConn questioned the council about their level of interest in creating a plan, and what type of a timeframe they would see such an action taking place in.

The idea of the city taking an active role in monitoring residents' septic systems was discussed at length during the council meeting. One advantage of the city monitoring the systems would be that the city would help to prevent problem septic systems from contaminating the numerous lakes in the area.

Also, as State regulations regarding septic systems become increasingly stringent, it was mentioned that it is a good idea to stay ahead of some of the mandates. New regulations are expected to be enforced more rigidly in the next few years.

Although the city ultimately decided to proceed with finding more out about taking over/monitoring individual systems, the general consensus was to take the process slowly.

"An education program is much more important to me than enforcement right now," explained councilmember Terry Wagenman. He advocated spending money on telling people why the city will be monitoring/taking over septic systems before they actually do so.