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Lock your doors: Perham burglary reports widespread

A 67-year-old Perham man who fell asleep on his couch woke up in the middle of the night, startled to discover that someone had been in his house.

While he was sleeping, an intruder had entered the man's home, gone into his bedroom, and took a wallet from the headrest on the man's bed. The sliding screen door to the man's house was left wide open.

In the garage, a vehicle had been gone through, with $20 taken from inside a checkbook. Also included in the intruder's stealing spree was a pack of cigarettes lifted from the kitchen counter.

Perham Police were notified of the home invasion at 3:15 a.m. on Wednesday, July 30. When Perham Police Officer Mike Christopherson arrived at the man's residence, he noticed a peculiar sight: the man's stolen wallet was lying on the railing behind his house. Although $70 in cash was missing from the wallet, everything else was still there.

This breaking and entering, and then ditching the unwanted stolen items, would turn out to be the theme of a series of early Wednesday morning thefts. By Wednesday night, police received five reports of home burglaries and seven calls about vehicles that were targeted in the spree.

After responding to the first burglary call, at a home in northwest Perham, Christopherson noticed tracks in the grass behind the house and followed them to the back door of a neighboring home.

Christopherson knocked on the door, and a man answered, saying that someone was in his house about a half hour ago. In the house at the time of the intrusion were the man, his wife, and their daughter.

According to the police report, the man said that he woke up and noticed someone in the kitchen with a flashlight. When the man got up, the suspect fled the home. The man did not call police, and as of the time the officer arrived, nothing had been noticed to be missing from the home.

While investigating this second burglary, a call came in about yet another home intrusion--this time in northeast Perham. As with the previous incident, the homeowner reported waking up and hearing someone in his house.

The homeowner said that he took out his 9 mm and drew down on the suspect who was in his home. The man then demanded that the suspect get out of his house, and the suspect ran away.

The intruder is described as wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and is believed to be driving an early 90's, dark color Dodge Caravan.

The other two burglaries reported both involved purses taken from inside the kitchen area of homes. In one case, the suspect entered the home through an unlocked patio door. In the other burglary, entrance was gained through an unlocked back door. Both of the stolen purses were discovered within close proximity to where they were taken--with certain items missing.

Some of the stolen items include: a red Razor cell phone; a Citizen Echo Drive watch; a man's credit card, class A CDL drivers license, and a medical card; an HJC helmet; and three i-Pods (one is black in color and has the name "Alec" on the back).

Anyone with information about the stolen items, or the suspect(s) behind the burglaries is encouraged to contact the Perham Police at 218-346-4452.