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Lions, Degree of Honor give stuffed critters to kids fighting cancer

Children dealing with cancer and many of their counselors (who are cancer survivors) at Kamp K.A.C.E. (Kids Against Cancer Everywhere) were each treated to a Cancurables lion neck pillow on Awards Day at their annual week of camp. Officers of the Timberlane Service Club of Degree of Honor, a fraternal insurance society, brought the idea to the Perham Lions, Perham Lakes Lions, Richville Lions and Vergas Lions.

Pat Udelhofen, Jo Emerson, Carol Weis, all from Timberlane Drive on Big Pine Lake, and Rose Neseth from Perham, explained the cancurables to the Lions Clubs and were given generous donations to add to the Degree of Honor fund to purchase the lion pillows.

The Cancurable Foundation supports cancer research dedicated to finding a cure, and discovering methods of early detection.

The Cancurables?Foundation was created by Emmy-award winning TV news reporter, Kristin Stinar, native of Perham and a 1987 graduate of Perham High School. She is now with her own company and is Kristin Geer since her marriage last year. Kristin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005 at the age of 36. Fortunately, doctors found it at an early stage and removed a large tumor before cancer could spread. Now Kristin has dedicated her life to raising money for cancer research and education. With her parents, DuWayne and Marilyn Sonnenberg and family, comfortable pillows of dogs, lions, elephants, the Minnesota State Fair Bear and a new pig were developed to raise funds for the Foundation.

The Lions of the Perham area have been involved with Kamp K.A.C.E. for many years. Lion Bill Parks who died of cancer earlier this year was a strong supporter and raised funds for a new building at the campsite near Vergas. His sister-in-law, Pat Udelhofen, is President of the Timberland Service Club and he was a friend to many of the members, so they were inspired to bring the Cancurables to the children to continue his interest.

The Degree of Honor supports youth at national and local levels. Regional Director Sylvia Soeth was able to involve Moorhead and Parkers Prairie Lodges, as well as the National Office in St. Paul in fundraising.