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It live, work and Perham

This year's Kra-Z-ee Daze did a great deal in promoting Perham. Why? In these economic times, how could so many people have so much fun?

Here are my observations:

The Keystone Cops were awesome. Rather than giving out citations, they gave over a hundred people "free" gift certificates to spend in Perham with no strings attached.

The Clowns ... well, everybody loves clowns.

The food ... Delicious. Free samples, snacks and great food prepared right!

The costumes ... Kra-Z-ee, entertaining & amusing.

The traveling musicians. On the streets, in the stores, entertaining the masses.

No monkey business. Over 1,000 Johnny Banana monkeys were given away free just to make a point that no monkey business was going on ... just ole' fashion fun!

The great deals. Time saving, money saving, gas saving & bargains upon bargains were found up and down the streets. People expressed how happy they were with the bargains they found.

Reconnecting with friends. There was time to reconnect and visit and joke with friends, neighbors and visitors who just plain love Perham.

The above ingredients made the perfect recipe for the annual Friday and Saturday festivities. They created an atmosphere where shoppers cruised the streets of Perham effortlessly and with a relaxed attitude.

Also, this year, possibly the best addition was the music provided by Bomb the Day. Their music filled the air and I observed parents, kids, couples, shopkeepers, employees and even grandparents moving to the beat that put smiles on people's faces. What a wonderful sight!

I congratulate the committee in charge of this year's Kra-Z-ee Daze and feel their mission & hard work paid off. Success was seen on our customers' and friends' faces. You know, as Dale Wright says, "It pays to shop Perham."

I agree, but I also think it just pays to live in Perham!