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Favors Perham 'waste to energy'

Rather than landfilling solid waste, it should be burned in an incinerator (Waste to Energy Plant) under a controlled monitoring system. The MN Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has MN Rules pertaining to the beneficial use of solid waste, they favor Waste to Energy Plants over landfilling solid waste.

The MPCA provides state rules and monitors how pollutants are handled in MN. The MPCA has higher emission standards then the Federal EPA emissions standards. The MPCA also allows for emission deviations, because of unforeseen circumstances and human error.

The MPCA works with Waste to Energy Plants always on improving, correcting and fixing problems with emissions.

Everyone would like to see zero waste, but that is not realistic; in reality as long as there are humans on this earth there will be waste. It takes decades for solid waste to break down in the landfill and it pollutes the ground and the air because there is no emissions equipment filtering the ground or the gases rising from the landfill, there is no controlled monitoring emissions equipment system.

For an incinerator to operate in MN it has to have this kind of equipment and it has to go through quarterly emission testing, that is submitted to the MPCA required by the permit standards. Educating people about Waste to Energy Plants takes time but with time comes acceptance.