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High demand tickets for Talbot concert at St. Henry's vanish in only a few weeks

The John Michael Talbot concert at St. Henry's Church is "sold-out."

Talbot enthusiasts from St. Henry's and other area Catholic parishes spread the word early, as Talbot is known to draw audiences from far and wide. Tickets were free, but in high demand.

Internationally known musician, author and humanitarian Talbot will perform Thursday, September 4, at 7 p.m. at St. Henry's .

St. Henry's capacity is 600 in the sanctuary, and another 200 in overflow. Every ticket is spoken for, reports Sophie Zvonar, who is helping promote the event.

"We are asking that those who have tickets make sure that, if they can't attend, they give them to somebody else," said Zvonar, who hopes to have every seat filled for the concert.

This tour of the north central U.S. is a return to Talbot's trademark solo guitar and voice as he introduces his audiences to his 51st album, "The Troubadour Years," available as the tour begins in September.

"We've been trying to book him in this area for a number of years, but we were never able to work into his schedule," said Zvonar. She credits St. Henry's parishioner Deb Blickenstaff for her persistence in working on a Perham date. "We finally caught them just as they were organizing the fall tour."

The tour is specifically to raise funds for the rebuilding of Talbot's home, Little Portion Hermitage Monastery, which suffered a vicious fire on April 29, burning the chapel and the Common Center to the ground in less than an hour and a half. All survived, though members of the community, including Talbot, suffered from the effects of smoke inhalation.

Various awards were destroyed, along with countless library books, archives, inventory and tour equipment. Talbot credits his life in monastic community as key to the creation of his music.

A former county-rock star with the legendary band Mason Proffit, Talbot gave up the riches accompanying fame and in time founded the integrated community of The Brothers and Sisters of Charity at Little Portion Hermitage in the Ozark Mts. of Arkansas where he serves as Spiritual Father and General Minister as well as founder and president of the Catholic Association of Musicians.