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Thanks John Knight for Boy Scout memories

Mr. Knight's column in the August 28 edition made me smile; I was one of the scouts that enjoyed the fruits of his Dutch oven (pardon the pun), particularly his famous peach cobbler. He created a lot of great memories for many of us who spent time camping at Boy Scout Park. I also had to chuckle about his pork chop on a stick story. I remember one cookout he held when, one evening after school, he took us out to Boy Scout Park. We all had to bring something to cook but one scout's parents only equipped him with a few bucks which he took to the locker plant and used for a steak. While attempting to cook it on a stick, it fell into the fire. The scout immediately used his stick to fling the stick out of the fire and onto the ground, at which point Mr. Knights dog got into the fray, grabbing the steak and absconding with it.

Those were definitely good times.

Mr. Knight, thanks for the fond memories and kudos to you for your commitment to scouting over the years. One final thought is my memories of your great story telling abilities.

You had the ability to make the average Tenderfoot jump three feet into the air and have a sleepless night thinking about warthogs, vampires and arms digging their way into the pothole at Boy Scout Park. If you ever have the time and ability to record your stories, I would be a happy contributor for a copy.

Thanks again for the memories.

Bob Barry,

Janesville, Wisconsin