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Confident that school deserves more funding

When an eight-year-old daughter accidentally had her one hand slammed in the car door, her four-year-old brother looked up at his father and exclaimed, "Isn't it good, she didn't get both hands caught!" This occurred thirty years ago. The little girl needed help to overcome this situation and has done well. The attitude of the little boy, always looking on the bright side, has served him well into adulthood. ­­­­The lesson from these children is pertinent today.

The Perham/Dent students have performed extremely well in academics, arts and athletics these past years as evidenced by the many reported accomplishments. Attitude and every aspect of support is crucial toward the experienced success.

Those who have followed the monthly proceedings of the Perham/Dent School Board Meetings these past few years are aware of the deliberate and thoughtful decisions which, while very difficult, have been made in the best interest of students always, in light of the facts of facing declining enrollment and lack of adequate funding from the State of Minnesota.

As Perham/Dent community members we may be proud of the accomplishments of our students, staff, administrators and school board members because our schools have been and continue to be a beacon in education!

Successes are also seen in the entire community as we see major expanses of businesses which display positive growth. This is a result of very positive action which affects the future of our community while it continues to prosper. Understandably, thoughtful planning has resulted in these investments.

Many people who visit here are amazed at the entire community and area with all that it has to offer. It is definitely the result of progressive thought and action of visionary people!

Very thoughtful planning must precede any need for an expenditure. With this in mind and realizing there is inadequate State of Minnesota funding for education it is expected that a very responsible process will occur prior to any additional taxpayer request for education funding.

It is with well deserved confidence in our education leadership and the process which is so ably carried out that we should support the funding request when presented.

The outstanding education component of our community will then continue to be a very important part of this most successful community, of which we all play an important role!

Jim Szarke,