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Candidates: take a break from attacks

Now that the political conventions are over, the Presidential Campaigns can direct their attention from who the candidates will be to the issues that define their administrations. What will be the agenda that will shape their administrations? I am interested in hearing less from candidates about what is wrong with their opponents, and more about how they intend to lead our nation on such issues as quality education for all persons. I want to know how they will address issues of health care, and especially how they intend to provide health care for every person in this country. I want to know how they will provide leadership in addressing the question of a growing lower class, people hardly able to provide for their families the basic necessities of life, even when working full time. I want to hear less about the enemy, and more about how our nation will lead by example, not by threats of war.

In this campaign I what to know what kind of vision they can offer to raise up our spirit of engagement with one another, rather then setting one group of persons against another. I want to hear from candidates their vision for protecting the environment, for thinking long term good, not short term fixes that disregard the impact on our grandchildren generations from now. I want to hear what candidates will do about America's crumbing infra structures--its roads and bridges. Will they invest in the future, or patch over the existing roads and transportation systems hoping that another generation will finally pay for what we failed to do now.

In a phrase I want to hear from candidates about what they will do for the common good of all humanity--we are after all more and more becoming citizens of the world. So what actions we take as a people living in North America do have implications for the rest of the world. Working for the common good is far more important to me then working only for our selfish interest.

So candidates, take a break from your attacks on opponents and tell us what you will do. Tell us your agenda and let the wisdom of the people decide which vision for the future they will support.

Roger A. Parks,